Come for the tits, stay for the train wreck. That’s a slogan in Inhumanity and that’s fucking true! It seems to be a basic porn website but when you go deeper, you understand something’s wrong. I guess bitches on the videos here feel the same when a big black cock gets inside, huh.

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Top 5 Sites Like Inhumanity

Okay, let’s review this shit. If you read my blog, like not for the first time, you probably know sometimes I show you damn crazy things. I love it because you know… That’s annoying to watch the same stuff all over again. I’m a fucking Hookup Guru, porn expert, I have to do it for my blog (no duuude, not to just wank over, what are you talking about lol?). So sometimes I need to refresh my mind, see something crazy and calm down this way to appreciate old romantic fucking again.

I reviewed some real crazy stuff but then some of you said “our dear Sex God, a President of Good Fucking, why the fuck is that so harsh, I can’t watch this”. Well, maybe I embellished some of these words but there’s still a problem. That was too crazy for you, dudes? I got another one. You see? Everything’s for you, brothas.

So, tell us what so special inhumanity site has

It’s another website from the “funny and weird” category but it’s quite smoother, calmer and way more romantic. Yep, you can see something embarrassing here but you won’t be shocked by awful scenes, ugly asses, dark films and all the shit from those platforms I showed you.

Inhumanity site

This one has a lot to surprise though. I’m gonna tell you about some stuff you can find here. But promise you won’t show this anyone cause you know the first rule of fight club, right? If no… who the hell you are and how old are you, like 15?

Nah, tell me about the content at inhumanity website

Okay okay, you pervert. There is some good shit you couldn’t even dream about. I’d like to tell you about some things from here because I know you guys love reading this. I got you. That’s much more exciting to read the preview about something before actually watching a movie. That’s what we do with a fucking cinema. So get ready, take some lub and follow me.


Yeah, it’s better to name it “fuckup com” because here is the reality of sex. If you’re a human being too, you know sometimes it goes wrong. I can tell you a fucking bunch of such real-life stories but that’s for another article. What’s cooler is when such moments are recorded.

When someone falls during sex, it’s the sweetest thing from here. But wait when it comes to anal fuckups, blowjobs or something hotter. Would you like to see a guy go into a wrong hole? Yep, we all know that shitty situation. Check out for more, everything’s on the main page.

Funny Blowjobs

Not all girls love taking a cock in a mouth. Sometimes a bitch doesn’t like it so much she starts acting insane like she’s going something awful. Add here a persistent guy and pretty girlfriend who helps her to make it better. That’s what kind of porn you can find here. Pretty good, nuh?

It can also be funny even if nothing bodes ill. She sucks it so hard and you think he’s already about to cum but then… Well, choose the situation you like the most (but who the hell would like one): she bites him, she chokes on sperm, he pulls it to her mouth hard or maybe you could remember a better scenario?

Webcam Girls

As this is a site with mostly amateur vids, there are a lot of shitty quality webcam tapes. Girls love playing by themselves in front of a laptop and showing their pussies to dudes on the Internet. On such a site where they do it, guys used to pay girls for doing something they ask for. Sometimes these tasks are quite funny so it’s another type of video of Inhumanity.

Also, girls can do something funny too. Sometimes it’s overacting or weird behavior. Or maybe she cums moaning like a crying animal. Anyway, it all can be damn weird and funny and there are a lot of males (and females as well) who love watching it.

Awkward home tapes

Everyone loves sex, Well, maybe not all but normal people do. But dudes, what the fuck, why do you think anyone can make porn videos?! I understand that we have that bullshit body positive and fucking feminism but then don’t complain when your gorgeous videos go on the sites like fucking Inhumanity. Who gives a fuck now?

Yeah, there are those dark-internet porn videos that have something you’d prefer to forget or never even watch. I can’t even tell you that I’m afraid to be banned. Anyway, be careful when you scroll through the pages so you won't do something you shouldn’t. But if being serious, there are a bunch of shitty quality weird videos that you can laugh on or just be surprised with what the hell people are doing.

Psychos and weird people

Yeah, I know they all here seem to be definitely not okay but let’s make this special category because it’s a lot to say. Some people really are into all this crazy psycho theme so this drives them. But if you’re not, some videos under this tag can scare you. There are crazy acting people doing weird scenes. I’ll give you some light examples.

Inhumanity pornsite

For example, a girl sucking a guy’s cock like she’s going to bite it off. Omg, dudes, I understand your balls now cringed. Or there is an insane step brother who sneaked through the window. A girl woke up because he’s pulling his dick in her and she starts screaming. But then she starts to like it and she can’t make him stop though she’s still afraid. Well well, now I can’t deny it can be pretty hot. So that’s what you actually can find here.

Now something about how it works

I have to tell you about how it all works because it’s not a basic porn site. You might not like it for the way it shows videos. Though some dudes prefer watching it. This is a link site. So when you click on the video, you’re redirecting to another platform to watch it. So it’s kinda annoying when you don’t expect it.

But anyway, what’s bad about it? You got all the badass videos in one place and you’re going to watch damn good content. I think it’s a good deal to go on another link instead. Moreover, it’s not like you go on shitty websites that steal your info and hack your computer. No, it’s all good so you don’t have to worry about anything. Now let’s review how it all looks like.

The website looks like it’s an old school template that was created back in 2010. You have that black and white design (I’m not sure I can call this a design) and links on the header look like it’s categories. But any button you click there, it’s gonna be a link. One thing that’s working here is a search. So you can type what you want and enjoy it!

Also, you gotta catch some 2005 vibe because there are many old videos dated these years. It’s funny to see it first but then you start loving it when you remember good old days. So I’m not impressed by it at all, it’s just another site without fancy design or something like that. If you like soft weird porn, you’ll like it.


What’s a general opinion about Inhumanity? It’s not bad. I mean if you like the content here, who the hell cares about its interface or redirecting. Come on, we’re in 2020, forget about that shit and enjoy what you have. I’d say this platform is average but worth your attention.

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