If you have a sense of humor and don’t mind mixing it with porn, I’ve found a nice place for you. eFukt, or how the fuck to write it or pronounce, is a funny and weird place for such crazy dudes like me who saw everything and want more.

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Top 5 Sites Like Efukt

As an expert, I watch a lot of porn to write reviews about it for you guys. And when you see this classic porn and hundreds of pussies every day, your brain is blowing. So adult humor is a way for me to relax. Yep, sometimes it can be fucking weird here but that’s why you become to appreciate usual sex scenes, haha.

If you expect to see something as funny as Jim Carrey’s movies, that’s not the right place. Most likely you’ll see Asian adult TV shows, awkward porn moments, ridiculous reactions and orgasms. Some content is even deleted because of user complaints. Sometimes it might be offensive or creepy. I’m not sure it’s the humor we used to have, but still it's interesting to watch something like that sometimes. So let’s check what content it has.

Efukt site

Okay, how does eFukt website look like?

It’s an old school simple site with a quite scary owl that has dick on the main page. Come on, that’s your design guys? Though, I’ll definitely remember it. There are some categories (we’ll check it below) and just a list of newest videos. Alien sex, incest, screaming anal and all that. I couldn’t even describe categories because there are so many different crazy videos. I’d like to just describe what I see here.

So, the categories are:

  • Trolling pornstars
  • Awkward moments
  • Ridiculous orgasms
  • Cum haters

Also, there are porn pics, gifs and links to other adult websites like ads. When I searched for the weirdest tapes here, I’ve got a lot of shit. Like the one when video starts with big boobs girl who’s choosing what guy she’s gonna fuck. And then one of them shows how he can lick his own dick when he’s just standing. Omg, what?!

There are a lot of crying or screaming babes who just scared because of big cocks, or anal, or something else. If you guys cum from tears, that’s your place to jerk off. But I also saw crying dudes. One was just upset because his dick “is broken” because it doesn’t work when a hot naked girl jumps on him.

But what about the weirdest things at eFukt website?

The most awful vid here is the one where a creepy guy who looked insane abused a girl. He had these fake sticking teeth and crazy sight. The girl was screaming and asking him not to do this but he didn’t even understand her. Then he made her dead to the world and started fucking her. That’s a typical video for such websites when there is basic sex but creepy scenario and actors. Awful!

But there are more even worse clips that even I was shocked by. For example, there were complications of most offensive fetishes. It starts with girls who spit in an Indian guy’s mouth when he’s tied to the wall. But that’s just a sweet beginning of this whole crazy video.

Then there was a girl with a hairy pussy who cut this hair while a guy is watching and fucking another girl. Yep, I wouldn’t say it’s something funny but at least you can see that your fetishes are okay compared to these. No, that’s not even the end, then she started to eat her pussy hair. I decided to close this link after this but there were even worse things. Omg.

Asian weirdness

Yep, there is a story for the whole paragraph. You probably know that Asians are fucking crazy when it comes to sex. I know, when you walk around Tokyo streets, they seem to be sweet, nice and shy. But still, waters run deep. Because of their shyness and restraint in real life, they get their wildness in porn.

The first and most popular crazy thing is their adult TV shows. They make some weird rules for it like the deepest anal dildo, teens in cages and all that. I know a lot of American guys love watching this to get pleasure. Though there are many who only want to see something to be surprised by, still, it’s not that exciting.

Old ladies, teens, fuck ups, and many more

If you’re a man who used to believe there is no something bad to happen when doing anal, don’t watch this site. A cock that accidentally got into ass is not the worst thing to watch at “anal fuck ups.” So, there is a warning for dudes who’re not ready: be careful with complications.

Also, there are more videos with super naughty teens or old women. Like, yeah, you could ask me “why? whyyy duuude you write them together, teens in porn are hot”. Well, milfs or even old ladies can be hot for someone too. But there are the craziest porn videos with them. Like crying schoolgirls or grannies. And they’re not just doing good sex, but awful things.

Efukt pornsite

But let me say more about fuckups. If you still want to find here something funny, I think it’s the category you need. Sometimes sex is not so romantic or hot, unexpected situations always happen. So there are a bunch of tapes where dildos are stuck in a chick's ass or a girl who accidentally peed while getting an orgasm. Nah, that’s not even squirt, you smart ass.

Сraziest anal ever

Yep, you might notice when we’re talking about good porn, there is always an ass fucking. That’s not me promoting this. It’s just one of the most popular searches among porn websites users. Who wouldn’t agree? We love it when it looks haughty and hot. You know, when nasty blondes take off their panties, and then…

But we’re talking about a damn humor adult site and there is no romantic shit. Some dudes can get real satisfaction from anal videos here if they like hardcore fucking and no limits. I found here everything about anal: lesbo games, first time, fuckups, stretches and many more. Believe me, bro, I was really restrained by listing these categories…

In fact, there are hundreds of weird, funny and creepy videos here. If you’re a conservative man who doesn’t like watching porn where something goes wrong or just not like you’re used to, don’t try it. But if you’re tides of basic fucking and wanna see something that causes your emotions (it’s not always good ones, but it’s even better!), you’re our guy.

Okay finish it, I’m going to try eFukt

I know my readers are mature guys who love damn good porn and don’t mind to experience new shit. But such a website like this one is not for everybody. As you could notice, I take care of my dudes so I made a list. If you answer “yes” to most of the items, you should definitely check this out. Let’s go.

  • You don’t close your eyes when you see something disgusting in porn.
  • You don’t mind something awkward can happen while doing sex.
  • You like different girls (not only young sporty blondes and brunettes).
  • You’re not too impressionable.
  • You like getting new experiences and emotions.
  • You have a sense of humor (sometimes a black one).
  • You can’t find anything crazy on basic porn sites.

Are you okay with all these items? Awesome! You definitely have to check out all my reviews cause you know, you’re just my guy. I do this for such naughty and cool dudes who are on the way to become sex gods. Bet you’re just one of us! I have many damn good reviews and articles for you bro. Don’t forget to share your opinion.

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