Shooshtime, the comedic relief of adult content sites. But really, isn't adult entertainment supposed to be steamy and captivating? That's where CamSoda, StripChat, and JerkMate shine. Experience high-definition live streams on Camsoda, an exhilarating alternative to humorous hodgepodge. Or dive into StripChat's myriad categories, a welcome variety from the one-liners. And JerkMate? It's all about personalizing your steamy sessions, a far cry from comedic relief. Isn't it time to replace chuckles with shivers of pleasure?

Hey man, if you’re new to my site, woah, fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be hot! I was trying to find a Shooshtime platform with funny but not creepy videos. You know, sometimes they go too far with all that adult humor. Like, dude, is spitting in the mouth really so funny? I like watching harmless fuckups and surprising porn stories but not all this crazy shit.

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Top 5 Sites Like Shooshtime

You know what? I guess I found a good place to get it all. It seems to be the usual porn website but with some spice. Though if you expect to see HD quality and professional studios, that’s not it. I mean, this collection of funny videos is not so easy to collect, do you want it even to be a 1080p? Nah.

I watch a lot of porn every day. I’m not a fucking addict who can’t stop, that’s just my job. So I know sometimes we all want to diversify our sexual lives and get something new. If there is no new experiment to try in reality, then you better expand your porn horizons. I mean, stop watching usual Brazzers videos with retouched models and try something else.

It can be useful to watch awkward or weird porn at Shooshtime

After this, when you’re fucking surprised about what’s going on here, you appreciate basic sex even more. Moreover, you get new emotions which are awesome. Yep, not only perfect sex scenes can bring satisfaction in your pants. Sometimes silly home tapes are even better because you feel the real vibe like she’s just at your home sucking your dick. Sounds nice, huh?

Shooshtime site

Let’s see what this website has. You probably know I fucking love black designs. What can be better than this? It’s minimalistic, good for your eyes and doesn’t blind you when you’re watching porn at night. Also, there is cool navigation with all those categories. I don’t like those links to other sites that look like categories but every platform has it. So no complaints.

Dude, how does Shooshtime differ from a fucking PornHub?

It almost doesn’t have basic fucking videos. I mean even if you see anal category here, be ready to get surprises. There are sex fuckups, weird reactions and first times, crazy actors and awful stories. Though that’s still not a place where you want to fetch up because of what you see here. It’s like a light version of crazy adult humor sites. I don’t even mind recommending this to my friends cause it’s funny and nice.

What content does it have?

Every fucking thing but with its own style. We already got those videos here are funny. I’ll give you examples of what I mean. The good thing is all of these are inoffensive and nice so you won’t be shocked.

Amateur tapes

There are so many home videos. I guess they are mostly amateur because professional porn movies usually don’t have anything funny. Such stories are random so usually people record it. For example, spy camera babysitter video. Almost every family who has a babysitter, they also have a cam to watch how it’s all going. Probably, this girl didn’t know about it because when no one was home, she invited her boyfriend and he fucked her hard on the table. Come on, girl, I hope you’re not very upset about being fired.

Also, there are many usual tapes when a guy shoots sex on a phone camera. Usually, it has something interesting. For example, a dude films a girl with the tightest holes in his life (as he said). So the fans of little pussies and asses would probably love this video.

Another typical story is a delivery man. Dudes who’re working there, be careful, you can be at porn. When he comes, a naked hot girl opens the door and invites him to have some sex. Who’d refuse? Only a crazy one. But this girl loves filming her sex and watching it then. She rides him hard, sucking a cock and downloading this video on porn sites.

Ass and anal categories

Well, it really has two categories with the same theme but who cares. I mean there are so many hot holes that take a big dick inside. I’d say it’s even better than Brazzers’ “perfect” scenes because here are real girls with real perfect asses. I don’t need anything but watching it jumping on a guy (well, better on me, hah).

I love watching first anal times because still, it’s real. There are no fake pleasure moans. Come on, do you believe it? When a girl takes it for the first time, she’s not actually so happy about it. But true anal fans know that’s even better to see these emotions. ShooshTime has many home tapes of that with different girls so check this out.

Huge natural tits vs small tits

I love women. They’re different. So I love watching different ladies in porn: thin and curvy, blondes or brunettes, black or Asians, big or small boobs. Watching them jumping is awesome. Like, what a damn man doesn’t love titties?

User uploads

There are not many videos here but still, some users download their videos. If you want to see such home unique tapes, I’d recommend another website cause users of ShooshTime are not that active at downloading.

Shooshtime pornsite

Webcam girls

Solo girls are amazing to watch no matter if you’re a male or female. You know, ladies are very inventive when home alone. They are different from those who love playing in front of the camera. Masturbating with a dildo or yoga girl licking her own pussy? Oh, it’s getting hotter so let’s move on to the next one.

Funny videos

Yep, despite the fact it’s a whole humor website, they also have their funny category. Maybe here that’s even funnier? I saw a video of a couple making naughty sex in a hotel room when a room service women came in. You know what? She doesn’t even mind they’re doing it in front of her. That looks funny though for people with such a fetish it can be satisfying.

Sex toys

Funny stories always happen with toys. Did you see a video with girls who have stuck dildos in their asses? Sometimes it’s their boyfriends to help to get it out. Sometimes it’s doctors. But anyway it always looks not so good but still funny.

Also, there are dudes who love their sex dolls. I was really shocked when I found out there are men who can spend $10,000 on a realistic doll. But in most cases, that’s usual inflatable ladies from sex shops.

So, when to use the Shooshtime site?

I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one. There is no crazy stuff like fucking animals or something. It’s a funnier PornHub with cool tapes that has its stories, fuckups and awkward moments. I love watching it when I’m tired of basic sex videos. If you’re just like, check this out and read my other reviews to find out more about damn good porn!

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