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Latest update: Nov 06, 2019

StoriesOnline Review

  • The site’s administration makes contests
  • There is well-written guide on how to use the platform
  • List of tag definitions is available
  • A library of sex stories is huge
  • Absolute confidentiality for members

Member Structure

Member Structure
Members geography
491,000 from USA
Members activity
38,000 active weekly
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Our review

Storiesonline reviews

Being launched in 1998, StoriesOnline had a lot of time to grow a huge community and collection of erotic stories. This platform was famous for its clean and convenient design that is perfect for reading stories, attentive Support Team, and absence of advertisement, and it preserved these features for current users.

The members of may feel comfortable any single second they use the site because its administration is making everything for people to enter their site more often and never forget about it. If you visit this platform for the first time, you may fall for it, because its a bit old interface is surprisingly welcoming.

You may use the platform for free but if you want to make your activity online worth every minute you spend, you can purchase a premium membership. We will discuss it in this review a bit later. Yet, the majority of the services are free, so you can make this evening a lot more arousing without spending a lot of money.


  • Signup on the site is free
  • Users spend about three minutes to register
  • The content is available even for non-registered users

To join the community of the site and enjoy all the services the site offers, you need to enter your email on the page “Sign in”. You will get an invitation email after that. Click on the hyperlink in that email and enter a unique password to your future account at the opened page. Stories Online allows users to create a password with 255 characters, and it is an amazing and unique possibility possibility for people who want their pages to be completely protected.

After these two steps you will be able to fill your profile with details about yourself.

Start conversation

Storiesonline website
  • Make contacts on forum
  • Read blog posts by the other members and get topics to discuss on forum
  • Leave comments to stories
  • Be active on an official Twitter page

There are plenty of possibilities to communicate on the site. Written porn is a bit more sophisticated than the video one, and it inspires to talk a bit. You can do that on the forum. A lot of members come there only to read the new threads, but the majority of the community is highly active. You can find an existing thread and join the conversation, make a new feed and enjoy the nice company of the other members, or just read the posts by the users, and feel that you are not alone. If you need that feeling on a porn site, of course.


  • There are no regular profiles on the site

Even though there is a link to profile (yours and the profiles of the other members) there are no profiles like on the hookup dating sites. Well, there are personal pages that contain almost nothing but the nickname of the user, his/her list of stories by authors, and a short self-description, if any. You will not see the regular profile structure with last activity, list of favorites, or anything like that. It is quite strange because the community of the site is quite lively, so the absence of info about its members is not the best feature of the site’s system and structure.

Mobile app

  • The platform does not offer a mobile app
  • Mobile version of the site is available for use

There is no mobile application for StoriesOnline, but if you want to read some sex stories on this platform, you can enter the site and switch it to the Mobile version. The site will look a lot more convenient for using from any devices like smartphones or tablets.


Storiesonline review

You can purchase a membership called Premier Service to make your activity on the platform more diverse. Its price depends on how many days or months of premium membership you purchase:

30 Days
90 Days
6 Months
1 Year
90 Days
6 Months
1 Year
30 Days
90 Days
6 Months
1 Year

There are additional services, such as Secure Access that grants members the possibility to access stories online net even if a user lives in an area where the site is blocked for a reason. You may purchase this service for the following prices:

  • 90 days $5.99;
  • 6 months $9.99;
  • 1 year $18.99.

You can pay only with your Credit card or Money order. Please note that you will be charged a foreign currency fee (or international transaction fee) if you are outside the US. The fee rate depends on what currency you use to pay for the site’s services.

Free services

  • Registration and filling the account;
  • Uploading stories;
  • Communication on forum;
  • Filling the profile;
  • Using limited Search.

Fee-based services

  • Personal Library. This feature allows users to hold their favorite stories and authors for faster access and favorite serials for easier access to updates and much more. It has built-in tools to keep track of active serial stories, Reading Queue, possibility to upload stories to the site within one step, etc.
  • Unlimited Search that includes Full Categories/Genre Search, Meta Search and full Content Text Search.
  • Quick and easy downloading the stories in HTML for later, in Plain Text, in MOBI and EPUB formats.
  • Higher access allocation. Members with premium accounts will have access to 100 stories per 24 hours (download or online reading).
  • Access to exclusive/archived stories.
  • Possibility to use Story Suggestion Mechanism. Users can click a button, and the system will suggest ten stories that match some of their preferences.
  • Visual cues for quickly sorting through story listings. This service adds dots to story listings, marking which ones you've read and which ones you haven't. You can mark stories as read by yourself too.
  • Story flagging and marking for filtering.

All the services mentioned above are just great for browsing the site, as they expand the possibilities to the maximum, making every second on StoriesOnline worth spending time.

Appearance and interface

Storiesonline site

The admins of StoriesOnline know for sure how a site with written porn should look. The design is simple, but everything simple is ingenious if we talk about a website that focuses on text content. Once you enter the platform, you see the registration form, list of categories, and guides on the left, and the main sections that allow interaction with content and people on the top. The major part of the main page is given to the latest works.

The works are presented in a very convenient way. You can see not only ordinary title and name of the author but the following info as well:

  • A short description;
  • Genres;
  • Tags;
  • Votes;
  • Score of this story;
  • Its size;
  • Number of downloads;
  • When it was posted and updated.

It is very pleasant to use this site because of a good structure and simple color scheme. But, Stories Online looks a bit old-fashioned in 2021 and needs a bit of contemporary details.

Total Score

Total score 7.2
Ease of Use
Number of Members
Safety & Anti-Scam
Customer Service
Quality of Profiles
Value for Money

Contact Information

Company:World Literature Company
Address:P.O. Box 44036, 541 Montreal Road, OTTAWA, ON, K1K 2N0, Canada
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